Cancer Exercise Expert

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. Based on the fact that the treatments are targeted, the survival expectancy has increased. According to the recent bibliography, the combination of Exercise and Therapy improves significantly the patient’s quality of life. Moreover, it improves physical parameters that aim not only to avoid other chronic diseases but also the better outcome of the treatment.

The Exercise Specialist in cancer patients is employed as the Instructor who supervises individual cases of patients who are during the diagnosis, the treatment but also 6-10 years later. He/she provides his/her services in individual sessions and operates as a member of a wider multidisciplinary team. The Exercise Specialist’s role is to ensure the guidance of a safe workout, the counseling and monitoring of the physical activity of people with cancer. What is more, evaluates, designs and adapts exercise programs while the theoretical knowledge and practical skills it acquires focuses on the broader field of exercise and health.

Olistic means education!

Participants will be able to understand the pathophysiology of cancer, treatment and side effects.

Participants will be able to advise, evaluate the course of physical activity and exercise for people with cancer.

Participants will be able to prescribe an exercise program for cancer patients.

The right of Participation:

  • Physical Education Teachers

  • Physiotherapists

  • Nurses

  • Doctors

  • Specialists of EQF L3 exercise

Main Learning Modules:
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. The role of the exercise specialist in cancer patients
Chapter 3. Diagnosis and epidemiology of cancer patients
Chapter 4. Causes and pathophysiology of cancer
Chapter 5. Nutrition in cancer
Chapter 6. Psychology in cancer
Chapter 7a. Evaluation of cancer patients
Chapter 7b. Laboratory Evaluation
Chapter 8. Exercise in cancer patients
Chapter 9a. Prescription of exercise
Chapter 9b. Exercise Prescribing Lab

in person Teaching 40 teaching hours

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