Olistic Pilates Training

Joseph Pilates set up the first official Pilates Studio in New York in 1926. The city embraced the method, and Pilates devoted himself to its further development. In 1945 he wrote a book called Return to Life Through control, about exercises on the mattress. After his death in 1967, Pilates ‘ main successor was his wife, Clara Pilates, as well as his student, Romana Kryanowska.

The Pilates method finally managed to establish itself as a recognized system of gymnastics. Today, more than three decades after his death, and nearly a century after his arrival in the United States, the work of Joseph Pilates is now popular and accessible as ever.

Pilates is a system and includes exercises:

  • Ground (mat pilates)
  • Tool (props pilates)
    • Mini ball
    • Swiss Ball
    • Rings
    • Foam Roller
  • Equipment (equipment)
    • Reformer
``Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit``

Goals and benefits of Pilates:

    • Its goal is to improve fitness, muscle strength and flexibility.
    • Stress reduction.
    • Connecting Pilates with everyday activities.
    • Do not waste energy when there is no need.
    • Quality against quantity.
    • Muscle strengthening and endurance.
    • Balance of body and spirit.
    • Increase flexibility.
    • Lowers stress levels.
    • Increases bone density.
    • Achieves proper breathing.
    • Improves balance.
    • Improves blood circulation.
    • Improves coordination.
    • Flat and stronger torso.
    • Relieves back and neck pains.
    • Increases athletic performance.
    • Prevention and rehabilitation of injuries.
    • Increases concentration.