Olistic Pole Dancing

The use of the pole appers 2,000 years ago in the traditional Indian sport of mallakhamb, where men practiced their strength and endurance using a wooden pole almost twice the diameter of the one used today. Then, in the Chinese pole, which comes from India, two poles were used for jumping men from one pole to another, from a height of 6 meters.

In 1950 with the appearance of rock and roll Elvis Presley in the song “Jailhouse Rock”, dances and swirls on an iron pole, thereby popularizing the art of the pole. Eventually in Canada and later in America, poles are used in bars in combination with burlesque dance movements. In 1990 sports movements were incorporated into the pole and it is now taught as art, dance and as a way of exercising to improve fitness.

The course of Pole Dancing contains a full program of body strengthening exercises, with a special focus on the trunk. The advantages are many such as strengthening the body, enhancing flexibility and confidence.

Benefits and why choose it

It is the ultimate combination of dance and gymnastics, without necessarily this means that the use of the Pole makes it purely and only sensual.

The gymnastics is carried out with the weight of the body, resulting in the exercise of the whole body (arms, legs, buttocks, back, torso) but also to give the body lines.

It is suitable for all ages – even for women who do not have any previous experience in dancing – thanks to the exercises done per difficulty scale. We Rise level gradually.

The benefits are twofold. On the one hand, it strengthens, tones and improves the figure of the body and indeed directly, on the other hand, is the gymnastics that through a highly fun way, refreshes our mood, increases our confidence and it helps to know ourselves better.