Olistic Online

Anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Fitness doesn’t necessarily need treadmills, weights and huge machines. It can adapt to you and your needs.

Practice with olistic trainers in real time whenever you want. Olistic through personal sessions or small sections provide training for all levels of fitness.

Olistic online training

1. Olistic online personal 1-1 training

2. Olistic online small group training

Follow an online 1-1 program in real time and exercise from wherever you are (home, work, Park, beach etc) enjoying the results of olistic performing exercise in the place you like.

It is very simple as long as you have a device with a camera connected to the internet. You will be able to connect live with your trainer and see him while he will also see you to guide and correct you.

With Olistic you can exercise from everywhere you are!
Anyone, anywhere, anytime! We actually mean it!

Schedule a 30-minute appointment by phone or video call with the olistic team , where we will explain in detail the steps you will need to follow in order to have a complete picture of your fitness, through health-exercise history and interview. Then your needs will be discussed and your goals set

You can call us at: 6946049112, 6982345974, or send us a message on our Facebook or our Instagram page.

Finally we will schedule our first training session with a specialized olistic trainer and start!

Olistic online small group training

Maybe you want to participate in an on line small group training in real time and exercise together through your screen. You should follow the previous steps and we will integrate you according to your needs and goals in an exercise group with a training frequency of 2-4 / week.

Join to your olistic session!
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