Olistic Functional Training

Functional training has now become a popular way of fitness training. It has its roots in injury rehabilitation. Physiotherapists use it to help patients with motor disorders. The treatment includes exercises that mimic the daily movements of patients at home or at work, thus helping them to slowly return to their daily lives by performing their daily activities.

In recent years, functional training has been at the heart of developments, gaining more and more ground, given its multiple characteristics and its various methods.

Types of functional training

Suspension Training:

  • Swinging workout with suspended straps. The use of straps first appeared in a publication of a training manual for young gymnasts in 1866 in the U.P.P. The organ of the rings in the Olympic sport of instrumental Gymnastics is the precursor and is the most familiar instrument in relation to the method of swinging training the modern form of the method first became known in 2005 in the U.P.P. and for 2-3 years it dominated the American market and then the global market (in Greece in 2010). One of the most famous companies is TRX (Total Resistance eXercise).

Cross Training:

  • It combines elements of functional, interval and circular training. Provides full-length training with special portable equipment. It consists of functional exercises high energy consumption polyarticular movements in many directions and multi-level exercise exercise that includes the use of body weight and portable organs. One of the most wellknown companies is crossfit.

Kettlebels Training

  • Use of an iron ball with a handle (cast iron) . It is based on the philosophy of weightlifting in terms of biomechanics of movement in the various exercises. It seeks to develop spectacularly the athletic abilities and physical condition of both the racing athlete and the average practitioner . Drams in the last 4-5 years are the fastest growing method of exercise.

Body Weight Training

  • Exercises and exercise programs based on body weight. Push-ups, pull-ups on a monozygous and exercises that do not necessarily require equipment to perform them. It is a natural way of exercise, which improves physical condition, increases physical strength, agility and endurance giving full control of your body.

A kind of fitness with many benefits!